Best Quality Dental Autoclaves At Affordable Prices

A dental autoclave, or steam steriliser, helps to sterilise dental tools and equipment. Patients expect dentists to use clean tools when they perform treatment in order to prevent infections. And a dental autoclave is the ideal tool to achieve that goal. An autoclave uses steam and high-pressure temperatures to disinfect the instrument’s surfaces, thus removing bacteria and other microorganisms before you perform a procedure. 

The Best Dental Equipment Supplier

Dental Equipment Services is one of the best dental equipment suppliers in Australia and has been for many years. We supply an impressive variety of dental equipment at some of the most affordable prices with all our autoclaves meeting CDC requirements. From dental chairs to autoclaves, we have everything you need to ensure your clinic is running efficiently and effectively.

Why Choose Us For Your Dental Autoclave?

Dental Equipment Services has made a name for ourselves by supplying the best quality autoclaves the market has to offer. Our goal is to provide superior quality dental equipment and instruments to help you run your clinic in the most optimal fashion. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider us as your go-to supplier:

Autoclave types – We have various autoclaves in store for you, such as N-type, B-type, and S-type. You can buy according to your size requirements.

Unmatched features – Our dental autoclaves come with advanced features that make sterilisation easy. From thermodynamic air displacement to dry vacuum cycle, our autoclaves have some great features to keep your dental instruments sanitised.

Steam technology – Our Aphrodite steam technology is one of the most popular sterilising options. It uses heating options to keep bacteria and viruses away.

Electric steriliser – Our electric steriliser lasts for years. If you want to make every penny count, you can trust our electric sterilisers last you well into the future.

Autoclave sizes – From small and compact autoclaves to large steam sterilisers, we have everything you need.

N-type Dental Autoclaves

Our N-type autoclaves are the least expensive. They use thermodynamic air displacement technology to sterilise your dental instruments. In fact, you can even sterilise unwrapped solid instruments using this type of autoclave.

B-type dental autoclaves

Our B-type or triple vacuum sterilisers use a thorough vacuum cycle before sterilisation which helps to remove contaminated air. An additional vacuum cycle removes moist air from the vacuum chamber, resulting in 100% sterilisation. Moreover, this type of autoclave sterilises not only unwrapped solid instruments but also solid and hollow instruments.

S-type Dental Autoclaves

S-type autoclaves refer to the group of autoclaves that don’t come under the above two categories. They include some of the larger sterilisers, such as steam sterilisers. In most cases, local dental clinics use either N-type of B-type autoclaves.

Best Features Of A Dental Autoclave

Our wide range of dental autoclaves come with the following features:

  • Temperature control for best results.
  • Drying mechanism for further sanitation.
  • Large capacity units to sanitise high volumes of dental instruments.
  • High-quality sanitisation capabilities.
  • Sterilised according to CDC standards.

Dental Equipment Services believes in quality and quality only. We know that dental professionals look for quality instruments at prices that are affordable. Please call us today so we can discuss our range of quality dental autoclaves and let us find the unit that will best suit your dental practice.