Dental Equipment Services: Your Trusted Supplier of Dental Compressors

A dental air compressor is an indispensable tool for a dental clinic that pressurises atmospheric air in their dental procedures. It captures and compresses oxygen, keeps the gas dry and clean, and stores the gas safely to use in drills, handsets, and various tools that need ultra-clean compressed air to function properly. Compressed air is also used to help keep the tooth surface dry while bonding composites. 

Wondering where you can get such an advanced piece of equipment for your dental clinic? Dental Equipment Services is a name you can trust when it comes to purchasing dental equipment supplies. Our unmatched product quality and customer service is what keeps us ahead of other suppliers in the industry.

The Leading Dental Compressor Supplier

Our dental compressors filter out moisture from the atmosphere through various processes, such as adsorption and cooling. They provide massive power to air-driven tools like 3-way syringes and handpieces to make it easier for you to treat your patients. In fact, our dental compressor is also the main component of our dental chair. 

We combine these two critical components together in order to allow the operator to perform certain procedures more efficiently. Our innovative dental tools and premium quality is what sets us apart from our competitors. You will understand why our customers choose us ahead of other suppliers once you buy from us.

Why Is Dental Equipment Services The Best?

Dental Equipment Services never compromises quality and customer service. Every customer is important to us. Your satisfaction gives us the hunger to improve our products and deliver the best service possible. Helping your clinic grow makes us happy. Here are a few more reasons why we are the leaders in this industry:

Innovative concepts – We are always on the lookout to make your work easier. This leads us to provide innovative dental tools and equipment. For example, we have oil-free dental compressors that produce oleiferous components. They prevent oil from reaching the handpiece’s valves and cartridges.

Membrane technology – The fibre in a membrane dryer works as a macromolecular membrane facilitating the air’s humidity and resistance. It has a cut-coating which is highly porous, making water permeable.

Noise level – Every dental compressor from Dental Equipment Services operates between 60 and 70 decibels. Our acoustic cabinet suppresses the sound very effectively.

Compressor size – The compressor size is crucial for any dental clinic. Our air compressors come with a compressor output of approximately 50 lpm. This helps to improve the reliability of the compressor. 

Type of compressors – We have a range of compressors with different pressure capacities. From 1 to 8, you are sure to find a compressor that suits your practice.

Importance Of Membrane Technology

The dryer in the macromolecular membrane contains valves and cartridges. Regular wear and tear of the tubes can take their toll however, thanks to our membrane technology, the tubes will last longer. This can be achieved because the air passes through the member to filter out the moisture, which makes the filters three times dryer.

Importance Of Oil-free Compressors

Oil-free compressors improve the compressed air’s quality. This ensures that the handpiece and cartridge don’t contain oil particles. If it wasn’t for this, it’s possible that oil particles could cause infection in patients. This shows that Dental Equipment Services not only thinks about dental professionals but also patient safety.

Dental Compressor Cleanliness

Many people think that it takes time to maintain dental compressors. However, once you use the dental compressors that we offer, you will see for yourself this is not the case. Our advanced technology ensures that you can clean the dental compressor within a few minutes before your next patient comes in. 

Let us help you transform your dental clinic and add the tools and equipment you need to make it easier for you to treat your patients. Please call us today to learn more about our dental compressors along with the other dental equipment we offer.