Superior Quality Dental Imaging Equipment For Your Practice

Dental imaging is an essential part of the diagnosis process in your dental practice. The latest dental imaging technology provides numerous benefits to dentists compared to its predecessors using traditional imaging film. In fact, dental imaging allows dentists and patients to instantly view the relevant image on a computer screen, iPad, or TV screen at a much higher resolution than film. On the other hand, digital files are easily shareable with referral partners or insurance companies. They are stored on a hard drive or in the cloud and are easy to find and manage. 

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Importance Of Dental Imaging

Digital imaging technology uses less radiation compared to outdated film technology. It’s safer for both the patient and technician and helps promote a more eco friendly option by eliminating the use of photo processing chemicals. The latest digital imaging technology lets the dentist capture images and use them in ways that are just about impossible with film. 

In fact, cone beam computed tomography systems help create highly accurate three-dimensional digital models of the target anatomy. These images can be enhanced for improved diagnostics using the latest digital imaging software. This leads to greater precision in dental treatments for patients. The latest digital imaging technology has helped change the dental industry whilst also improving the lives of patients.

Different Types Of Dental Imaging Equipment

It is important to invest in the right dental imaging equipment if you want to take your dental practice to the next level. The equipment you choose will depend on the needs of your practice and the budget. These technologies will help you to potentially provide new services to your patients. Here is some of the most popular new dental imaging equipment for you to consider for your dental practice:

  • Digital panoramic x-rays
  • Intraoral x-ray sensors
  • Phosphor plate x-ray systems
  • Digital imaging software
  • Dental cone beam systems
  • Dental radiography accessories

How To Choose The Best Dental Imaging Equipment For Your Practice?

Does your dental practice still use traditional film x-ray? If so, you should consider exploring the latest dental imaging products to take your practice to the next level. You should choose the systems that make your existing imaging tasks more efficient and effective. 

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