Dental Sensors From The World’s Leading Brands

Many people think that x-rays and digital sensors are the same however, there actually is a difference. Digital sensors are handheld pieces that take x-ray images of patients’ teeth. They allow you to take the x-ray image on the spot rather than refer the patient to a diagnostic centre. 

These sensors work digitally and are therefore ideal for dental clinics. It allows you to organise the images accurately. However, some of dental sensors offered by us at Dental Equipment Services have an added feature – they come with minimal radiation exposure, meaning it is less harmful to your patients.

Dental Equipment Services - Your Prefered Dental Equipment Supplier

It goes without saying that dental clinics across Australia have a duty of care to their patients, which means using the highest quality dental instruments and equipment the market has to offer. That is why Dental Equipment Services is here to partner with you. 

We have a very strict policy when it comes to quality. We have a dedicated quality control team that rigorously checks every piece of dental equipment that we supply. Whether you purchase dental sensors or dental stools, you can expect to receive the highest-quality products from us.

Why Choose Our Dental Sensors?

Apart from our exceptional customer service and superior quality products, here are a few more reasons why Dental Equipment Services is rising to become one of the best dental equipment suppliers in Australia:

  • Our dental sensors are competitively priced and very affordable. They provide excellent image quality, allowing you to accurately pinpoint the patient’s problem. We also use the best imaging software to provide crystal-clear images. 
  • Our dental sensors have high-resolution CMOS sensors to get the best images within a few seconds. These sensors can capture high-quality images at almost 25 theoretical line pairs per millimetre.
  • We have a range of dental sensors that are the thinnest in the business. They provide maximum comfort to your patient. These sensors have rounded corners to help you position them in your patient’s mouth comfortably and in the least invasive manner possible
  • Most dental sensors are not waterproof, making them unsafe for patients. However, Dental Equipment Services provides dental sensors that come with an IP67 rating and are hermetically sealed. This means you can dip the sensors in a disinfecting liquid without causing any damage.
  • We provide powerful, easy-to-use imaging software to deliver crystal-clear images.

Import And Export Images

We understand that you may need to share images with other applications immediately after taking the x-ray image. Our imaging software can help share the images instantly. All you need to do is export the images to your desired device.

Excellent Display

You can now print, display, and even email the images to your colleagues or even your patients from any computer in your dental practice using our imaging software.


At Dental Equipment Services, it’s not just about price, it’s also about value for money. We believe not only do we offer exemplary products of the highest standard, but we also offer products that represent the best value for money in Australia.

Dental Equipment Services isn’t just another dental equipment supplier – we consider ourselves the best in the business because of the quality of the products that we supply. Please call us today to learn how we can help equip your dental practice with the best dental equipment and instruments in the market today.