The Importance Of Autoclave Servicing For Your Dental Practice

Autoclave validation and servicing are important requirements for a dental practice. The validation and servicing should comply with Australian Standards 4815 and accreditation bodies including AGPAL and Public Health Regulation. 

You are responsible for scheduling servicing and periodic validation testing for your autoclaves. This is mandatory to ensure you are meeting your obligations around infection control as a reliable dental practice in Australia. 

Autoclave servicing should be performed by a reliable and trustworthy dental equipment servicing company. With a host of service providers operating around the country, choosing the best servicing company isn’t easy. That’s where Dental Equipment Services comes into the picture.

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Why Should You Service Autoclaves On Time?

Autoclave preventive maintenance will make sure the unit works efficiently and achieve the right sterility levels in your dental practice. You should always follow the servicing protocols as per the manufacturer’s instructions. In fact, annual maintenance and servicing should be done by a qualified service provider who should inspect, clean, and calibrate the equipment. 

Dental Equipment Services provides autoclave servicing to make sure your equipment works as needed and the readings are accurate at all times. We clean each element of the system, replace worn or damaged parts, clean the filters, calibrate sensors, and check the electrical components.

Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Autoclave

There are many things you need to do to keep your autoclave running in tip-top condition. The first thing is to make sure all instruments are dry and clean before placing them in the autoclave. 

Use only distilled water in the unit since water purity plays a big part in extending the life of your machine. Don’t overfill the unit beyond the 75% mark. Too much water can cause damage to the drainage parts of the unit.

How To Choose A Reliable Autoclave Servicing Company?

The most important thing is to check the reputation, experience, credentials, staff qualifications, and customer feedback of the company. There are dozens of medical equipment maintenance services in Australia. Make sure you select a reliable service provider who offers high-quality services at affordable prices. That way you can improve the efficiency and prolong the lifespan of your autoclave.

Please call Dental Equipment Services today if you need to service your autoclave and prolong its lifespan.