Different Types Dental Compressors

Ever been to a dental surgery where an air dryer is used to remove impurities and eliminate bacteria? Was the suction irritating? Perhaps tickling? 

Well, the item used to suck air and remove impurities through an inline filtration system is known as a dental compressor. It is one of the things that every dental office should have. How does a dental compressor work? Read on for a comprehensive answer:

What is a Dental Compressor and How Does It work?

A dental compressor is a tool used by dentists to compress air and increase its pressure when carrying out dental procedures. The intense pressure creates a vacuum, which draws out the excess moisture in the mouth. That way, dentists can easily clean cavities while still protecting patients from contamination.

Most dentists use dental compressors for tooth filling and oral cavity maintenance. An air mixture is sent to the compressor via a small oral cannula. Here, the air is delivered to the compressor via a hose for the production of heat energy and pressurised air.

The compressor not only increases the pressure of the air but also purifies it. When applied to the dental cavity, it delivers clean, oxygen-rich air that has a direct impact on dental patients’ wellbeing.

Top 6 Types of Dental Compressors

1. Low-Speed Compressors

These compressors are mostly used to handle soft tissues found in the gums and mouth. As much as they produce pressurised air, the air comes out at low speeds. This helps dentists to handle delicate tissues during cavity cleaning and tooth filling.

2. High-Speed Compressors

These compressors produce pressurised air that comes out at high speeds. Mostly, dentists use this type of compressor when handling stiff gums. Remember, like all other types, this compressor has an auto shut-off button that makes it easy to use with minimum human intervention.

3. Oil-free Compressors

These compressors come with no oil filter which means that they do not use oil to filter the air. As a result, they have minimal negative effects on the environment.

4. Compressors with Oil Filters

This type of compressor comes with an oil filter which helps to produce cleaner air that is free from most impurities. However, in the process of cleaning the air, the oil can pollute the environment.

5. Wet Dental Compressors

These compressors use water to create a vacuum and hence a suction power. That way, cleaning cavities becomes easier and dentists can do a thorough job.

6. Dry Dental Compressors

These compressors create a vacuum pressure using dry air. The air may be filtered through an oil filter or not, depending on the specific type and brand of the compressor.

 Different Types Dental Compressors

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Different Types of Dental Compressors

The Use of Oil

Oil-free compressors are preferable in most dental settings. This is because oil-based compressors run the possibility of polluting nearby fluids. As such, they are likely to put the patients’ health at risk. Because they deal with fewer volatile components, oil-free air compressors need less servicing.

• The Power Usage

Always choose a dental compressor that saves on energy. This is because some brands consume too much power without any justification. Even as medical practitioners, dentists still run a business, so there’s nothing wrong with minimising operational costs.

• The Quality of the Motor

Most dental compressors run on motors. As such, it is important to ascertain that the compressor has a high-quality motor. This is because when the motor breaks down, the whole device becomes useless.

• Budget

Like any other medical equipment, dental compressors come at different prices. This depends on the brand, size, and features. While saving money is important, always consider quality first. After that, look for a supplier who offers the best deals.

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