How To Choose An Ergonomic Dental Stool

Are you or a fellow dentist experiencing neck and lower back pain? Do you know the main reasons for this? As a dentist, you are subjected to many unnatural postures when treating the patient. It would help if you began using an ergonomic dental stool to prevent these effects in the future. Meanwhile, this is what you need to know about ergonomic dental stools.

Research has shown that dentists who do not use ergonomic dentist stools complain most about neck and lower back pain. In the US, 13.8% of adults suffer neck pains. Unfortunately, dentists make up 67% of that population. Also, 26.8 % of the US population suffers from lower back pain. Dentists make up 65% of the total population. 

What Is An Ergonomic Dental Stool

Ergonomics refers to the discipline that looks into the interaction of humans with other elements within a system. The aim is to optimise your well-being. 

Dentists often use inappropriate positions to achieve the highest level of accuracy during treatment. These unnatural postures can be detrimental to the well-being of the dentist hence the recommended use of ergonomic dental stools

An ergonomic dental stool helps dentists give patients the highest level of accuracy during treatment without an unnecessary or unnatural sitting posture. Ergonomic dental stools help prevent:

  • Dentists having to adapt to unnatural postures may result in serious strain injuries   
  • The development of muscular disorders can lead to compromised dental expertise and career-ending or career-shortening injuries. 

Benefits Of Using Ergonomic Dental Stools 

An operator stool is essential for every dental clinic. Here are some of the benefits you reap from investing in a good dental stool. 

1). Upper Body

An operator stool allows your upper body to stay relaxed. It also helps in reducing muscle tension. 

2). Pain-Free

A dental stool is enough to ensure that you live pain-free when it comes to back pain. It does so by helping you avoid slouching and rounding your shoulders. 

3). Reduces Fatigue

Using a dental stool will help you reduce fatigue by decreasing or eliminating muscular tension. It also reduces fatigue by improving circulation. 

4). Better Mobility

Reaching for items when using a dental chair is a lot easier. You also require minimal effort to get on and off the stool.  

How To Choose An Ergonomic Dental Stool

Choosing The Perfect Ergonomic Dental Stool For You 

Using saddle chairs or saddle stools will make your work easier as a dentist. However, this can only happen if you only do your due diligence to ensure you choose the perfect ergonomic stool or chair. Consider the following factors when choosing an ergonomic dental stool:

1). Seat 

The details of your dental seat matter more than you can imagine! Your seat of choice should accommodate the working space you have at work and your body type. You can either choose a wide plush seat or a small sculpted chair. Different dental professionals have always had different preferences. 

2). Body Support

Body support is very important for dental assistants. It helps them easily reach tools and offers support when they spend so much time reaching for them. 

3). Foot Ring 

A foot ring on your dental stool helps support the lower body. It decreases nerve compression and improves blood circulation. Individuals of average height prefer this position since it offers them a position to assume when they have to sit for long periods. 

4). Material

The kind of fabric you choose determines your level of comfort. As a dentist, you should look for a middle ground material that is firm enough and soft enough to get body support and comfort. One of the best materials to consider is HybriGel. 

5). Backrest

The wrong backrest can make a great chair unusable. The backrest should allow the hips, neck, and shoulders to remain aligned and relaxed. A good posture allows the lumbar curve to take its neutral pelvic position.

As a dentist, you should prioritise your well-being. Using the wrong stool or chair when working could cause difficulties when working and increase pain in your neck and back. Getting an ergonomic seat or stool will help you have an easier time working and prevent you from developing any back problems.  

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