Reasons Why Dentists Use Dental Suction Devices

Are you a dentist looking to make your patients more comfortable during various dental procedures? Would you like to learn more about dental suction devices? If so, you have come to the right place.  

Dental suction devices play an important role when it comes to oral surgical procedures. In the course of dental procedures, the right dental suction device can be used to swiftly intervene in serious dental emergencies, reduce the risk of complications and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Some of the main reasons why dentists use dental suction devices include: 

• Clearing the airway during dental procedures

• Preventing choking 

• Removing excess saliva and secretions 

• Sanitising surrounding air

To find out more about why dentists use dental suction devices, read below. 

Clearing The Airway During Dental Procedures

Patients who are anxious about dental procedures may request their dentist to administer general anesthesia to quell their fears. Some complex surgical dental procedures also require the use of anesthesia, regardless of whether the patient wants it or not. A dental suction device can be used to keep the patient’s airway clear during such procedures. If the patient starts to vomit or bleed unexpectedly, during the procedure, the suction device can be used to prevent aspiration.   

Preventing Choking

A dry mouth, the presence of multiple foreign objects in the patient’s mouth and an existing fear of choking during a dental procedure all work to make some patients feel like they are choking. In fact, this fear can lead some to put off dental procedures as much as possible. 

To make things worse, significant oral trauma, complex dental histories, poor muscle tone and compromised airways can all lead to an increased risk of choking in patients undergoing dental procedures. 

Fortunately, by removing dental debris swiftly and effortlessly, a dental suction device can help reduce this risk substantially. With the right device, any debris that gets lodged at or near the patient’s throat can be removed quickly by the dentist or their assistant.  Patients may also feel less anxious about dental procedures when they know that the dentist has a means of preventing any case of choking.    

Reasons Why Dentists Use Dental Suction Devices

Removing Saliva And Secretions

The continuous production of saliva during dental procedures leads to a variety of challenges, including obscuring targeted teeth or mouth areas, affecting the effectiveness of bonding agents and making it hard to maintain a sterile environment. On top of all that, patients may feel the need to swallow whenever they feel an accumulation of moisture in the mouth, further increasing the risk of choking. 

A suction device can be used to effectively remove excess saliva and secretions from the mouth during dental procedures.    

Sanitising Surrounding Air 

Dentists normally use fast-moving dental tools such as polishers during various dental procedures. These tools normally move so fast that they end up aerosolising the patient’s saliva and all the germs and bacteria therein. This harmful aerosol can end up spreading all over the treatment area, where it may be breathed in by the patient and members of the dental team attending to the patient, and make them ill. 

A dental suction device can be used to prevent the accumulation of the harmful aerosol into a substantial plume, throughout the dental procedure. This resultantly creates a safer and more hygienic/sterile environment for both the patient and the dental team. 


Dental suction devices play an essential role in helping dentists provide effective, safe and comfortable dental care for their patients. The right device can help dentists ease their patient’s anxieties about dental procedures, while also giving them the power to intervene during a variety of emergencies during dental procedures. 

When looking for the right dental suction device, it is recommended that you choose something with enough suction power. Such a device should be capable of delivering all the suction required in both routine and emergency situations.

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