Why Dental Clinic Dental Sensors

Modern dental clinics have experienced a huge transformation in recent years. Systems that were paper-based for decades have in recent years been replaced by digital records. Dental clinics are moving towards digital systems, where there is no need to use paper charts to view crucial data. One area that has attracted a lot of “buzz” is digital radiography using dental sensors.

Dental Sensors

Dental sensors are modern digital radiography systems that you will find in most dental clinics today. These systems utilise either CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) or CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) sensors that are connected directly to a computer in the clinic. Dental sensors offer a much more accurate and efficient radiography experience for both the patient and dentist.

There are plenty of reasons why dentists should consider switching to dental sensors. The main advantages of using dental sensors include:

1. Co-diagnosis

One of the biggest obstacles to patients accepting dental treatment is the fact that most patients are unaware of their dental problems. By showing them a large image of an oral x-ray on a screen that they can clearly see, we can start to include the patients in the treatment process. Most dentists who are using digital radiography have reported an increase in treatment acceptance among patients because of this.

While often ignored, considerable effort should be taken to select a display or screen that has a good contrast ratio and other features necessary to showcase high-quality radiographs.

2. Speed

Depending on the type of system used to digitise radiographs, images can be shown on a display almost instantaneously. Dental sensors offer significant time savings by eliminating the time it takes to load, develop, mount and return films to the doctor. Dentists who need real-time images during procedures like endodontic treatment and implant surgery will find the 3 to 5 seconds wait to view an x-ray image from a dental sensor to be a huge benefit to their dental clinic.

Why Dental Clinic Dental Sensors

3. Reduced Radiation

While this may not be a big issue for most clinics, it is a major concern for many dental patients today. When digital systems were first unveiled, digital sensors were promoted as having the ability to take x-rays with up to 80 per cent less radiation. However, with the introduction of faster radiography technology, the reduction in radiation is not as big, but it is still significant. Reduced radiation means enhanced safety and comfort for patients.

4. No Chemicals

Many dentists will agree with this point! The lack of chemicals and traditional processors translates into fewer lost films and jammed processors. There’s no longer a need for MSDS sheets and other supplies used in traditional dental radiography.

5. Enhanced Image Management and Manipulation

One of the biggest benefits of using images from dental sensors is the ability to manipulate or modify the images. Adjustments to contrast and brightness, reversing, embossing, colourisation and other techniques can be used to help the dentist in diagnosing dental issues.

Dental sensor systems come with their own software for image manipulation and sorting, although dentists can also use third-party software. Many image management programs also integrate quite easily with most dental clinic management software systems.

6. Electronic Submission to Insurance Providers and others

Attaching a digital image to an insurance claim can often speed up the process of evaluation and approval. Attaching digital images to medical insurance claims is now common practice in dentistry, and clinics that are yet to leverage this technology are lagging behind. Digital sensors help to capture the digital images necessary to support medical insurance claims.

Also, many dentists also find the ability to send x-ray images via email to other medical practitioners and consultants quite useful.

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