What Are Benefits Dental Scanners

Dental scanners are one of the latest innovations in the dental care industry. Its popularity lies in its many benefits which include saving time, increasing comfort, safety and accuracy, as well as the added benefit of reduced dental visits. If you would like to learn more about these benefits, feel free to continue reading our article below.

What Is A Dental Scanner?

A dental scanner takes dental impressions to a whole new level. This device projects light onto whatever area is being scanned and captures images with sensors. These images are processed by scanning software that generates them into 3D models for later recall or printing as needed. The best part is that these images can be viewed in real-time which allows dentists to manipulate the dental impression as necessary.

Dental scanners are typically used for both restorative and preventive care. They can be used for diagnostic imaging, surgery, orthodontics, protheses, prosthodontics, and many other fields of application. The diversity and versatility of dental scanners have made it one of the most revolutionary technologies in the dentistry industry. 

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Scanners?

Traditional methods of getting dental impressions have often had a lot of challenges. They were time-consuming, painful, and impractical for both dentists and patients alike. Luckily, the advent of the dental scanner has addressed many of these challenges head-ons. 

A dental scanner can provide a range of worthy benefits for both the dentist and the patient. Some of these advantages include the following down below: 

1). Saves Time

Dental scanners are much faster compared to traditional dental equipment. On the part of the patient, these devices allow patients to take quick trips to the dentist without worries of delayed schedules. Dental scanners can also expedite the earlier stages of dental treatments so that patients won’t need to wait longer than usual. 

On the part of the dentist, dental scanners allow dentists to treat more patients in a shorter period of time given that the process is much quicker now. More patients make the dental clinic more profitable.

2). Non-Intrusive And Comfortable

Traditional dental impression techniques are often intrusive and very uncomfortable for the patient. However, the good news with dental scanners is that it is pain-free. Instead of having your teeth moulded for a very uncomfortable period of time, dental scanners simply scan the patients’ teeth in just a few minutes without any discomfort or pain. 

Since patients won’t be in pain or feeling uncomfortable, this allows dentists to better communicate with their patients. Dentists can now be more involved so that they can develop a better professional relationship with their patients.  

What Are Benefits Dental Scanners

3). Safe

Dental scanners do not emit harmful radiation. This makes the procedure safe for both the patient and the dentists. Both sides won’t need to worry about any harmful side effects.

4). Accurate

Dental scanners use the latest 3D technology to capture highly accurate depictions of teeth. It can easily capture the shape and contours of the teeth. This allows dentists to better diagnose problems and recommend the appropriate treatment as a result. 

5). Simplified Procedure For Dentist

Dental scanners become an important part of dental care that can facilitate diagnosis while at the same time simplifying the process for obtaining models. With a dental scanner, dental procedures become much easier than ever before. 

6). Real-Time Feedback

The images captured by the dental scanner can be viewed in real-time on a monitor right next to the dental chair. Dentists will be able to get immediate feedback and analysis on patients’ teeth and will also encourage more engagement from the patient. Areas of the teeth can be marked as it is examined as patients can comfortably relax throughout the procedure.


Dental scanners are becoming more and more common in the dental field because of how useful they can be. The six major benefits that come with using a scanner is less time, comfort, safety, accuracy, simplicity, and real-time feedback. If you are interested in learning more about how a scanner can be beneficial, contact us! We will happily answer any questions and provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision on what is best for your dental needs. 

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