What Dental Air Compressor Used For

Dental air compressors are one of the most important pieces of equipment in most dental practices. This equipment is used for powering tools during dentistry. These tools typically include scalers, delivery units, handpieces, syringes among others. This equipment includes a design that stops patients from receiving contaminated air during dental procedures. The main aim of these instruments is to enhance or improve the quality of air during a dental operation.

How Does A Dental Air Compressor Work?

Dental air compressors work similarly to standardised workshop air compressors. They capture oxygen and compress it. Compressed oxygen will then be used for the dental procedure. The main aim of these compressors is to produce air that is free from contaminants. If there are pollutants or microorganisms present in compressed air, it can lead to serious health issues if swallowed or inhaled by patients undergoing dental treatment. 

Dental compressors should never be wet or dirty as this can result in inefficiency or damage to these powered tools. This also means that the pressure has to be adequate. The air produced also needs to be clean which helps to extend the lifespan of teeth-cleaning tools. 

Below are a few important factors to keep in mind before choosing a dental air compressor:

1. Air Quality

As mentioned before, the main aim of these instruments is to produce clean air and to make the instruments used in dentistry more efficient. Air compressors that can produce clean high-quality air are the best option. Quality air will ensure the safety of patients while protecting the instruments used for various dentistry procedures. 

2. Oil-Free Compressors

The oil-free compressors are a better option when compared to the oil-lubricated models. Some people prefer oil-lubricated compressors since they are durable and produce less noise. However, there is a risk of the compressed air becoming contaminated with the lubricant. This is why an oil-free compressor is a recommended option for dental practices. These machines are also lightweight and compact, making them the preferred choice for dentistry. 

What Dental Air Compressor Used For

3. Power Rating

Power rating is another important feature to consider before choosing a dental air compressor. An air compressor with a high power-rating will have a stronger pump allowing the machine to supply more of the dental tools. 

4. Pressure

The pressure that the air compressor is able to produce is also an essential consideration before investing in this equipment. The compressors with an adequate pressure rating are recommended to make up for any pressure losses when the dentist is using more than one tool at a time. 

The air compressor should also include a pressure gauge that helps the dentist to determine the volume of pressure being produced. The pressure can then be adjusted accordingly to match up to the tool being used.

The Benefits Of Dental Air Compressors

In medical or surgical environments, cleanliness is paramount and this also applies to dental environments. When used properly, a dental compressor helps to reduce bacteria and lower the risks of infection. A consistent supply of high-quality clean air is vital during dentistry procedures as air that is not purified can lead to health problems for staff and patients. This is why a dental air compressor is a crucial investment for any type of dental clinic. 


A dental air compressor is an effective machine to get rid of debris and liquid from operating spaces. This allows the dentist to carry out procedures efficiently while lowering the risks of contamination and infection. 

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