What OPG Mean Dentistry

You’ve paid your dentist a visit, and they have informed you that they’ve ordered a dental OPG for you. What does this mean? Is this something you should be concerned about?  For most people, dental terminology can be pretty confusing. However, it doesn’t have to be. In this blog post we will discuss the following:

  • What is OPG? 
  • How long does OPG take
  • Types of dental conditions that OPG can detect
  • Who should get an OPG
  • The primary benefits of OPG

What Is OPG?

OPG stands for “orthopantomography,” and is a type of dental x-ray that captures images from the back of the throat, including the lower jaw (or mandible) and upper throat (or maxilla). This 2D x-ray image allows the dentist to determine whether there are any fractures, impacted teeth, or damage to soft tissues.

Additionally, these are taken to check for oral diseases such as bone loss, jaw growth or tumours that cannot be observed during a visual exam by an experienced dentist. The image also gives the doctor information about how their patient’s teeth come together (occlusion), so special treatment can be administered. This is necessary to ensure that the patient’s teeth come together in a way that will result in the best possible long-term results from the treatment.

How Long Does An OPG Take?

The entire procedure – from start to finish – lasts less than 10 minutes. The patient will be given protective glasses covering their eyes as the x-ray images are taken. Usually, the patient isn’t required to remove clothing. All they need to do is open their mouth as wide as possible and keep still as a series of x-ray images are taken from different angles.

What OPG Mean Dentistry

Types Of Dental Conditions Detected By OPG

The jawbone and surrounding soft tissue are particularly vulnerable to trauma. For someone who’s had oral surgery or for those who regularly play contact sports, an OPG can help identify any fractures to the jawbone. OPG will also help detect if the teeth are properly aligned.

An OPG can also help identify serious dental problems early on before they progress further. Some of the conditions OPGs are capable of identifying include: 

  • Impacted teeth
  • Fractured jawbones
  • Tumours in the face, mouth or around the eyes
  • Bone loss and deterioration
  • Dental caries (commonly referred to as cavities)
  • Who Might Need an OPG?

An OPG is a specialised form of dental imaging only used when the dentist requires more information about specific problem areas, such as impacted teeth or tooth decay.

OPGs are especially useful for diagnosing conditions in patients who have undergone previous orthodontic treatment or oral surgery. If the dentist suspects that the jawbone has been affected by these procedures, they can use an OPG to detect any abnormalities in bone structure or density.

An OPG is also used to check the teeth before orthodontic treatment. For example, if a patient has braces put on, the dentist will use OPG to check where the teeth are compared to each other. This is especially important for children who are still growing because they have to have their treatment planned out well in advance to be carried out when it’s most appropriate.

OPGs are also used to help diagnose and monitor oral cancer. During the x-ray, the dentist will look for any signs of abnormal tissue growths that could be present in the patient’s mouth. OPGs help determine if they are present and how aggressive they may be.

What Are The Primary Benefits of Dental OPG?

OPGs are incredibly useful to the dental field because they allow the dentist to examine particular areas in much greater detail. An OPG can be used in several contexts, including during a routine dental exam, to take images before certain surgeries or procedures, and when diagnosing the cause of facial pain.

It can also be useful when planning cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and can be used for diagnostic purposes before planning any type of surgery or treatment.


Keeping abreast of the latest dental imaging technology will help ensure that your patients receive the highest standard of care. An OPG can provide invaluable information that cannot be obtained through regular dental x-rays, making it possible for you to offer more accurate diagnoses and better treatment options to your patients.

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