What Makes Good Dental Chair

Considering that a dental chair is one of the most expensive fixtures you will find in a dental clinic, being particular when choosing one is paramount. Should a dental chair suit the dentist or the patient? A dental chair plays a critical role for both the patient and the dentist, and the right one should be able to perform both of these roles perfectly. What qualities should you consider when choosing a dental chair?

Let’s dive into the attributes that make for a good dental chair:

1. Comfort

Apart from the patient sitting comfortably, the dentist should achieve the proper posture for performing their procedures efficiently. Some of the dental chair features that contribute to comfort include: 

  • Adjustable backrest and headrest which helps to access the patient better, whether it’s an adult or a child
  • The right cushioning for proper patient support
  • Adjustable armrest to enhance the patient’s egress and entry ease
  • Correct sizing for the patient, not too wide or too narrow
  • Manual positioning features that allow the dentist to optimise access to the patient
  • Optimum backrest width to enable the dentist to adjust with ease while maintaining the comfort of the patient

2. Functionality

When it comes to functionality, the dental chair should make the job easier for the dentist. Some of the dental chair functionalities that can enhance the functionality of the dentist include:

  • Allow the dentist to control by foot using a joy-stick style mechanism
  • Support programmable seat position to improve fast auto-positioning
  • User-friendly control panel with easy to access touchscreen or button controllers for adjusting lifting speed, lowering speed, chair positioning and other accessories controls
  • Scialytic lamp to allow the dentist to view the patient’s mouth without shadows
  • Spittoon to allow the patients to rinse their mouth after the dentist has completed the check-up or procedure
  • Aspirating tools for saliva aspiration near the sublingual glands
  • A pedal for activating the different instruments
What Makes Good Dental Chair

3. Design & Aesthetics

Below are some design qualities that a dental chair should have:

  • An excellent dental chair should be stable even when you elevate it to the maximum height
  • The baseplate should be sturdy, with a high-quality finishing that is resistant to rust and scratches
  • The dental chair should be able to move smoothly
  • There should be a locking mechanism for locking the chair into position after positioning
  • The dental chair should have LED lights as they have a longer lifespan and generate less heat
  • The lighting controls should be easily reachable
  • The physical appearance should be modern-looking to create confidence in the patient
  • The dental chair should have vital equipment such as an LCD monitor, suction unit, scaler, RVG sensor, intra-oral camera, and X-ray unit in terms of accessories
  • The dental chair should be customisable with varying fabric and upholstery to blend with the interior design of the dental clinic

Final Thoughts

A dental chair is one fixture that every dental clinic should have. Dental chairs from various manufacturers and models come with different features, sizes and accessories. The fundamental qualities that make a good dental chair are comfort and functionality as they relate directly to the patient and the productivity of a dentist.

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